New Product - Levante!

Introducing the amazing Levante hybrid integrated amp from Riviera Audio labs. The high-end Italian brand has also given it an extra feature, the option to choose between pure Class A and Class AB operation. A switch on the front panel allows you to select the operating class according to your preferences or needs.

In Class A mode it offers 2x30W into 8 ohms (2x60W into 4 ohms); in Class AB it offers 2x120W into 8 ohms (2x200W into 4 ohms). Even in AB mode, the first 6 Watts are in Class A.


Pure Class A power 2x30W into 8 ohms

Class AB power 2x120W into 8 ohm (2x200W into 4 ohm)

Zero Feedback

Hybrid circuit

1 balanced line input (XLR)

4 unbalanced line inputs (RCA)

Speaker and headphone outputs

Optional phono card

Remote control

Dimensions: 44x49x19.5h cm. Weight: 30 Kg.



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