Over 80 years of experience in building the very best audio replay systems

Your source for the finest painstakingly procured high-end audio products. Custom brick and mortar demonstration showrooms. Friendly down to earth advice and service.


We look. We listen. We choose very carefully

"High-end" two channel hi-fi.  We offer a carefully selected portfolio of the world’s finest audio products. Brands like Nagra, Magico, Devore, MSB, Vimberg and Leben.

Please see our ‘Brands’ page for full range of brands.


CD resolution and above at the touch of a finger

Digital & streaming audio experts. CD playback from Hegel, Heed, and Accuphase. Streamers/file playback from Innuos, Aurender and Taiko Audio. DACs from Nagra, MSB, Aqua, Chord and Metronome.

Please see our ‘Brands’ page for full range of brands.


Loudspeakers in all shapes and sizes

Loudspeakers from birch plywood to aluminum. We have a very broad range available for demonstration. Classic and elegant designs from Harbeth and Trenner & Friedl, unique thinking from Devore, and cutting-edge from Magico and Vimberg.

Please see our ‘Brands’ page for full range of brands.


Here's where the real magic happens

Analogue & vinyl playback specialists. Home is where the heart is, and we’ve always had a particular affinity for vinyl. Turntable/tonearms from Dohmann and VPI. Cartridges from Phasemation, Hana, Ortofon, and My Sonic Lab.

Please see our ‘Brands’ page for full range of brands.


See what our customers are saying about David Michael Audio

Martin D.

"DMA welcomed me into a relaxed, friendly non-intimidating community and their wide bandwidth of audio knowledge allowed me to assemble a ‘goosebumps’ system!" 

John P.

"Great people to do business with.  You may ask why and I will reply honest, fair, technical excellence and committed to their customer!"

Jeff A.

"David and Jeff are the best.  I trust their advice, expertise, and consider them friends.  The only dealer I'll go to - absolutely outstanding purveyors of high-end audio equipment."

Alex K.

"David Michael Audio has the best selection of electronics,  speakers and accessories available anywhere. And they are pleasure to work with. Their service is impeccable!"

John M.

"I have been an audio enthusiast and musician for 40 years. I like music and great sound. You get both at David Michael Audio. David and Jeff are friends I know, and they have taken the time to know me. "

Tony S.

"David and Jeff are super knowledgeable and very welcoming.  Great shop with great people. Really happy with how my system has turned out!"

Jim D.

"David and Jeff have a knack for finding the best brands in terms of performance, value, and customer service. You won’t regret doing business with them.!"

Bill R.

"It's been almost 35 years since I started wanting to hear my music system bring the music to me, if that makes sense to you. I wish I had found David and Jeff many years ago!"