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Audio Optimized - Fiber Optic Home Network

Streaming music from your internal NAS or off the web, from services like Tidal and Qobuz, requires significant bandwidth and very low noise for maximum sonic performance  The fact that your network works doesn't mean its optimized for high performance audio. We believe optical networks offer much lower noise and higher speeds than traditional copper networks.  DMA can help plan, design and even install your fiber optic high speed network.  Take your streaming performance to another level!  


Audiophile Network Switches

Network switches in general are simply distribution hubs for your home ethernet.  For example on the back of your wireless router, you often see wired ethernet ports to plug in various things like Apple TV, receiver etc.  Unfortunately switches often do more harm than good to audio signals.  As of late there are many audio grade switches available.  All with various levels of performance and some specifically designed to significantly improve sonics.  If you're streaming music from your NAS or internet, you need a high performance audiophile switch in your system.


Audiophile Network Attached Storage (ANAS)

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is your own in home personal cloud.  A network of hard drives that stores and protects all of your saved music, video and other various files.  If you don't have one, you need one!  If you already have one it may not be safe, fast, configured correctly, or good sounding.  DMA can completely design, configure, load and install your audiophile grade NAS.  Don't settle for just any NAS.  Step up to an ANAS! 


Roon Core/Endpoint Design, Configuration & Setup

Roon core, Roon endpoint what's the difference?  Do I run Roon on my computer, server or NAS?  What is Roon exactly and do I need it?  We have answers to those and many other questions.  We are experts in computer audio and we can help you configure Roon on your system.  Don't have a dedicated audio grade computer, NAS or server?  We can help pick the best components, get them properly configured for high performance audio and even help install them.   


Loudspeaker Master Setup

I Master Set Speaker Placement procedure. The basic concept of this approach is that it positions each speaker independently to sound best in your particular room rather than placing them based on generic manufacturer recommendations or a perfectly symmetrical configuration. This, in theory, should help those with asymmetrical and complicated listening rooms (like me) get the best performance possible.

The protocol takes patience to get it right (allow several hours if you are a perfectionist), as both speakers will require much trial and error to get positioned “perfectly” (subjectively speaking) within the room. The results, however, might lead you one more step toward Audio Nirvana.

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Audiophile Room Design and Acoustical Optomizations

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